See well. Give back.

Why we do this.

We exist to improve sight + do some good.

We're Optimism Eyewear + Care. We are here to provide the customers of our communities with the very best eyewear + care. But, we’re also here to provide eyewear to children in need – in and around the very communities we serve. So, when you meet your vision needs with us, you’re part of the solution – making it possible for us to achieve this mission. Together.

The Facts

Because the facts of the matter, matter.

The facts are hard, but clear. 38% of all children in the United States need some form of vision correction. 30% experience vision problems that significantly impact their long-term health, school performance and development. And, hundreds of thousands of low-income children need some level of vision correction.


When you buy one, you get one. And we give one.

We power this mission with our simple “BOGOGO™” offer. Through our partnerships with Von’s Vision and other organizations – when you buy a pair of glasses, you get a pair of glasses. And we give a pair to a child in need. We believe what we do is the least we can do. Let’s do it together.

You + Optimism
The bottom line.

A virtuous cycle

When you meet your eyewear + care needs with us, you’re helping to remove an obstacle to a child’s success with something as solvable as a pair of glasses. Empowering them to help themselves for sustainable community impact.

Serving customers and impacting communities.

We’re incredibly proud to serve our customers, impact our communities and
partner with amazing advocates like Von’s
Vision. They have done so much to expand
access to eyewear and care for children in
our home state of Colorado and we are
honored to align our missions to do even
more together…

- The Optimism Team